Add locale environment variable to README

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......@@ -26,6 +26,7 @@ Default login is `wallabag:wallabag`.
- `-e SYMFONY__ENV__DATABASE_PASSWORD=...` (defaults to "~", this is the password of the database user to use)
- `-e SYMFONY__ENV__DATABASE_CHARSET=...` (defaults to utf8, this is the database charset to use)
- `-e SYMFONY__ENV__SECRET=...` (defaults to "ovmpmAWXRCabNlMgzlzFXDYmCFfzGv")
- `-e SYMFONY__ENV__LOCALE=...` (default to en)
- `-e SYMFONY__ENV__MAILER_HOST=...` (defaults to "", the SMTP host)
- `-e SYMFONY__ENV__MAILER_USER=...` (defaults to "~", the SMTP user)
- `-e SYMFONY__ENV__MAILER_PASSWORD=...`(defaults to "~", the SMTP password)
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