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getting ready for recovered/deaths charts

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......@@ -306,12 +306,12 @@
<input type="radio" id="chart-start-tenth" name="chart-start" value="10" checked="checked"/>
<input type="radio" id="chart-start-hundredth" name="chart-start" value="100"/>
<input type="radio" id="chart-start-thousandth" name="chart-start" value="1000"/>
<div class="chart-config-group">
<!--div class="chart-config-group">
<label for="chart-data-confirmed">confirmed cases</label>
<label for="chart-data-recovered">recoveries</label>
<label for="chart-data-deaths">deaths</label>
<div class="chart-config-group">
<label for="chart-type-logarithmic">logarithmic</label>
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