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# covid
# Scary COVID-19 Graphs
Stuff around COVID-19
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Simple data crunching and graphing around COVID-19. In production [here](
Before using this for anything serious, read the disclaimers on the site.
## Testing locally
This project is developed in the [PMF methodology](, and so there are no external dependencies to pull, you do *not* need a local webserver, and you do *not* need `node` to use `npm` to get `yarn` to get `bower` to install `webpack`, because the developer knows how to left-pad without [`leftpad`](
Just clone this repository locally and navigate in your browser to the `index.html` file (for example, `file:///home/user/Projects/covid/index.html`). It should just work. That's it.
## Deployment
Copy the files to the location they're going to be served from. That's it. It's all just static.
## Privacy
There are no trackers, and no third-party content. This is completely self-contained.
Ant it is self-contained because there is absolutely zero need for it not to be.
Remember this when somebody tells you again that they need Google Fonts ([nope](, dozens of MiB of JS from 10 different CDNs, and a Facebook log-in button just to make a single page displaying a graph. Because that right there is bullshit.
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