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initial import

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gitlab-runner ALL=(root) NOPASSWD: ! /usr/local/sbin/ , /usr/local/sbin/ ""
set -e
# loop through YNH domains
for d in `yunohost domain list --output=plain`; do
echo "- $d"
if [ ! -d "live/$d" ]; then
echo " - skip..."
cd "live/$d"
DATE_TAG="$( date -d "`openssl x509 -noout -text -in cert | grep 'Not Before' | cut -d ':' -f 2-`" +"%Y%m%d.%H%M%S" )"
echo " - $DATE_TAG"
# make sure the target directory exists
mkdir -p "/etc/yunohost/certs/${d}-history/${DATE_TAG}-infra-certs/"
# copy cert and key to it
cp fullchain "/etc/yunohost/certs/${d}-history/${DATE_TAG}-infra-certs/crt.pem"
cp privkey "/etc/yunohost/certs/${d}-history/${DATE_TAG}-infra-certs/key.pem"
# fix ownership and permissions
chown -R root:ssl-cert "/etc/yunohost/certs/${d}-history/${DATE_TAG}-infra-certs/"
chmod -R u=rwX,g=rX,o= "/etc/yunohost/certs/${d}-history/${DATE_TAG}-infra-certs/"
# handle the symlink
if [ -e "/etc/yunohost/certs/${d}" ]; then
# it exists! is it a directory? or a symlink?
if [ -h "/etc/yunohost/certs/${d}" ]; then
rm "/etc/yunohost/certs/${d}"
elif [ -d "/etc/yunohost/certs/${d}" ]; then
mv "/etc/yunohost/certs/${d}" "/etc/yunohost/certs/${d}-history/$( date +"%Y%m%d.%H%M%S" )-backup"
echo "ERROR: neither a directory nor a symlink: /etc/yunohost/certs/${d}"
exit 1
ln -s "/etc/yunohost/certs/${d}-history/${DATE_TAG}-infra-certs/" "/etc/yunohost/certs/${d}"
cd ../../
echo "restarting services..."
yunohost service restart postfix dovecot metronome
echo "restarting nginx..."
yunohost tools regen-conf nginx
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